Jimmy Kimmel Debuts Hillary Clinton’s Children’s Book ‘Losie the Pooh’

On Tuesday night, Jimmy Kimmel had some fun at Hillary Clinton‘s expense for the release of her new book What Happened.

“This is why Hillary lost,” Kimmel began. “A real president doesn’t write books — they write tweets.”

He mocked the book’s description on Amazon for saying “it’s her most personal memoir yet.”

“Only Hillary Clinton would have to specify that her memoir is personal… IT’S A MEMOIR,” he exclaimed.

The late night host had a copy of “the kid version” of the book called Losie the Pooh, which he read to the audience.

“Once upon a time, not too long ago, November 9th to be precise,” Kimmel began reading, “Piglet was skipping through the woods when he happened upon his friend, Losie the Pooh eating a giant jar of her feelings.”

Losie the Pooh explained to the “clearly-uninformed” Piglet that she was “supposed to be the first Pooh president” and that “all the polls had [her] winning” but she “never hosted a reality show” or “put [her] name on vodka.”

“Or visited Wisconsin,” added Piglet

Then along came a Donald Trump-looking Tigger who promised he was “gonna make America great again” and “Eeyore is going to pay for it.”

Watch the clip above, via ABC.

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