Scarborough Hits Trump for Siding With Kim Jong Un Over Biden: ‘This is How Far We’ve Come’

Joe Scarborough tore into President Donald Trump on Tuesday for endorsing the insults to Joe Biden‘s intelligence from North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

As Morning Joe reacted to Trump’s remarks from Japan over the last few days, Scarborough said it reminded him of the mass blowback the Dixie Chicks received in 2003 when the country music group criticized the George W. Bush administration while performing abroad. He spoke of how their public reputation was “shattered” before remarking that times have certainly changed since the president “is supported by a lot of those people who probably said ‘I’m not ever going to listen to Dixie chicks again.'”

“This is how far we’ve come,” Scarborough said. “We now have a president…who attacked an American vice president and an American president on foreign soil. That is something you do not do.”

Willie Geist followed up by noting that Trump didn’t just attack Biden, he effectively sided with the dictator of North Korea above America’s former vice-president. While he acknowledged that this might not be a surprise from Trump anymore, Geist said the public still “ought to be outraged” given Kim’s numerous crimes against humanity.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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