John Oliver Bought Airtime During Hannity To Explain the Iran Nuclear Deal to Trump


It’s a double troll!

John Oliver spoke about the Iran nuclear deal on Last Week Tonight and how dissolving it would be a huge mistake on President Donald Trump‘s part.

In an apparent effort to get through to him on this point, Oliver and his team bought ad space on the one primetime cable news show Trump is sure to watch – Sean Hannity‘s.

The ever-popular Catheter Cowboy, whose character is a riff on the typical ads for older males which run so ubiquitously on Fox, will be returning to the airwaves in the D.C. area on Fox News during Hannity in the coming days in order to lecture the president on why he ought to stay in the Iran deal.

“The Iran Deal may not be perfect, but it helps restrict Iran’s ability to start making a bomb for at least 10 years,” the cowboy says in the ad. “You blow up the deal, and that turns into zero years. And if I’ve learned one thing from all these years of cowboyin’ and cathin,’ it’s that zero is way less than 10.”

“I’m not saying that it’s gonna change anything,” Oliver said of the advertisement, “but at least we’ll know that we tried.”

Watch the full segment above, via HBO.

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