Larry King Was VERY Cold On The Set Of Real Time With Bill Maher

Larry King is pretty much a walking self-parody at this point. That’s not to say he isn’t well-liked – in fact, he sees to be quite popular among his peers. But he’s also old (he’ll turn 78 later this year), and the likes of Conan O’Brien have filled much airtime through the years with jokes painting King as a caricature of an old person. Of course, when King has moments like he did when being introduced on tonight’s Real Time with Bill Maher panel, such jokes are more than understandable.

King, you see, was very cold, and he let Maher know it. They each seemed incredulous for different reasons: King that the set was so cold, Maher that King didn’t seem to understand why the set was so cold (the reasoning: every TV show taped in front of an audience does it because if it’s too hot, the crowd gets lethargic). King also wanted to know the temperature of the room – unsurprisingly, Maher didn’t have an answer for him.

Again, King could not be a more perfect stereotype of an old person here – he might as well be wearing these and talking about walking places 15 miles uphill in the snow when he was your age. That’s why we love him, though – that, and the fact that he can take the jokes that will inevitably come his way over this. Video of the segment below, via HBO.

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