MSNBC’s John Heilemann Tears Into Paul Ryan Over Nunes Memo: ‘No Longer on Team USA’

MSNBC analyst John Heilemann tore into Speaker Paul Ryan today, alleging that his continued push for the release of the Rep. Devin Nunes memo despite the advocacy against the move by FBI director Christopher Wray , among others, has made him an ally of Russia.

“It has clarified the extent to which Paul Ryan is now no longer on ‘Team USA’ or on even ‘Team old Republican party,'” he said. “He is on ‘Team Nunes,” which means he is on ‘Team Trump’ which means, to some extent, they are all advancing, in some sense, the interests of Russia. This is what Russia wants here. I continue to be baffled by Ryan’s behavior.”

Heilemann went on to say that Ryan was “utterly supine” and that his actions were “utterly stunning” and that they have “huge implications for the future.”

Fellow panelist Bill Kristol said that he believes the memo will be released, but that it will prove to be a “dud,” suggesting that it has already “accomplished its purpose,” which is to have “muddied the waters” enough to lay the groundwork for Trump to fire Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

The panel also agreed that there are “no more red lines” Republicans will not cross in their pursuit to protect President Trump from the Russia investigation.

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