‘Oh F*ck’: Bill Maher Clashes With Panel Over What Dems Should Do About Menendez If Convicted

On Friday night, Bill Maher talked about the ongoing corruption trial of Sen. Robert Menenedez (D-NJ) and the political risks of a possible conviction.

The Real Time host said that in “normal times” the Democrats should vote Menenedez out of the Senate if convicted, but not in a “post-Merrick Garland world” where he alleges the GOP’s philosophy is “whatever you can get away with.”

“I don’t care if he’s a Menendez brother,” Maher continued. “He needs to stay in the Senate because if he leaves before Chris Christie leaves as governor on January 16th, then Chris Christie gets to appoint his replacement, who would be a Republican. And one more vote could have switched the whole vote on Obamacare repeal.”

When he asked his panel––Vanity Fair contributing editor Fran Lebowitz and author Salman Rushdie––if they agreed, they both said no.

“Oh f**k.” Maher reacted.

Lebowitz said that although what Republicans did to Merrick Garland was “really wrong,” Democrats shouldn’t be “learning” from them.

Maher pushed back by saying this is why Democrats “continue to lose” because they “don’t go for the jugular.”

Rushdie asked Maher if his mother ever told him that “two wrongs don’t make a right.”

“My mother wasn’t around when [Donald] Trump was president,” Maher shot back.

Watch the clip above, via HBO.

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