comScore Outnumbered Trashes Sadiq Khan Amid Trump Dispute

Fox’s Outnumbered Trashes London Mayor Amid Trump Feud: ‘He Should Be Working On His Own City’

Fox News’ Outnumbered bashed London mayor Sadiq Khan on Monday during a discussion about his war of words with President Donald Trump.

While Trump was en route to the United Kingdom for his state visit, he issued a number of personal insults towards Khan in response to the mayor’s recent op-ed criticizing the president. Khan used his piece to compare Trump to 20th century autocrats and say it’s “un-British” to honor him with a welcoming ceremony.

Christopher Bedford, Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Caller and Monday’s #OneLuckyGuy, called the op-ed “bad manners” on Khan’s part and said the mayor is “not as in line with his countrymen has he thinks he is” on matters like globalism and Brexit. Harris Faulkner followed up by remarking that Trump’s state visit is taking place despite Britain’s current political turmoil, so Khan “clearly” can’t keep people he dislikes out of his city.

Melissa Francis and Kennedy went back-and-forth about whether people can really be shocked that Trump is retaliating to Khan’s op-ed. Lisa Boothe argued that Khan wants to use this feud “to make a name for himself” and boost his international profile. Francis said Khan “should be working on his own city” instead of engaging with Trump, and Bedford added, “he’ll probably get some good money in the speaker circuit afterwards. It’s lucrative to be a liberal celebrity or consecutive celebrity, travel the world, make money after you’re the mayor.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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