President Trump Says He Watched Obama’s Rally Because He ‘Had Nothing Else To Do’

President Donald Trump revealed at his umpteenth campaign rally of the election season on Friday that he watched the rival rally of former President Barack Obama. Why? Because he had “nothing else to do.”

Obama held a rally in Miami, Florida on Friday in support of candidates Andrew Gillum, running for governor of the state, and Sen. Bill Nelson, running to hold his seat in the Senate. Trump, shortly afterward Obama, held his own rally in West Virginia, and bashed his predecessor.

“I heard President Obama speak today. I had to listen, I was in the plane, I had nothing else to do,” Trump said. “He had a very small crowd. They don’t tell you that.”

Most presidents are keen to project the image that they don’t have enough time for the vital job of leading the country. Trump has been content to spend much of the midterm election year on the campaign trail, holding lengthy rallies in support of Republican candidates. The confession that he has nothing better to do than to watch an Obama rally is, however, certainly new.

Watch above.

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