Shepard Smith Appears to Swipe at Outnumbered For Trashing NYC: Crime is Low and ‘Streets Are Clean’

Fox News anchor Shepard Smith is used to offering fact-checks of President Donald Trump on his show. But on Friday, he appeared to issue a fact-check of his own colleagues, the hosts of Outnumbered, for their strange segment declaring New York City an unlivable hellhole.

The hosts of Outnumbered, for the second day in a row on Friday, claimed the sprawling and affluent metropolis where their Fox News show is filmed is actually “filthy” and crime-ridden thanks to the policies of progressive Mayor Bill de Blasio.

“You can see the quality of life has gone down the drain,” host Melissa Francis said. “The streets are filthy. It’s more dangerous than ever. The squeegee men are back. The quality of life has gone down the drain.”

Mediaite’s own Colby Hall issued a searing and fairly comprehensive rebuke of their characterizations. We’ll let that piece speak for its fiery self — read it here.

Smith apparently noticed too, adding this peculiar commentary to the end of a segment on the ongoing government shutdown:

“Here in New York City, city crime rates, violent crime rates, are the lowest they’ve been in seven decades,” Smith said. “The violent crime rate is the lowest of any major city in America. Streets are clean, things are good. Come visit us.”

Watch above, via Fox News.


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