Trump’s ‘Spokesperson’ Gives Colbert Answers That Are Not at All Carefully Scripted

On Tuesday night’s Late Show With Stephen Colbert on CBS, the late night host jabbed fun at Donald Trump‘s recent visit to an African American church. In the church, the GOP nominee could be seen doing “…his signature dance move: shift a little left, shift a little right. Same thing he does with his immigration policy,” said Colbert.

But one particular element of Trump’s visit this weekend struck Colbert as odd; the nominee did a full-on interview with a black pastor, where both the questions and answers were established and submitted in advance.

Enter Trump’s “spokesperson” (no, not the real Katrina Pierson, folks. Sorry.) Jennifer Alderson, who answered Colbert’s questions that were not in any way prewritten. “Don’t believe those wild rumors Stephen,” she said. “Mr. Trump’s answers were spontaneous and off-the-cuff.”

The bit actually takes an even funnier detour when the actress playing Alderson mistakes “squirt” for “squint,” and the Colbert can’t pass the opportunity up. Watch above from CBS’ The Late Show.

[image via screengrab]

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