Van Jones Tears Into Trump’s SOTU: ‘Sweet-Tasting Candy With Poison In It’

Who can take a sunrise, sprinkle it with dew? President Donald Trump, according to CNN’s Van Jones, but with a sinister edge.

Speaking with a large post-State of the Union panel, Jones likened Trump’s speech to “selling sweet-tasting candy with poison in it.”

“What he said about those young people, he implied – and he did it deliberately – that DREAMers are gang members,” Jones said. “And when you look at the numbers… [only] 39% [of DREAMers are gang members] … according to the U.S. government.”

“Some DREAMers are gang members,” Senator Rick Santorum retorted. “That’s a fact.”

“We have a moment now where 90% of the country agrees that these young people deserve a shot,” Jones retorted.

Political commentator David Urban chimed in, implying that Democrats would not actually vote for protections for DREAMers.

“When the Democrats get a chance to vote to pass citizenship for close to 2 million kids, let’s see what they do,” he said.

“We are in a moment now where we could come together and get something done on a bipartisan basis,” responded Jones. “Republicans cannot continue to just smear these young DREAMers and associate them with gangs.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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