Watch: SNL Hilariously Shows What Would Happen if Trump Were Black

In a hilarious take on the show Empire, on Saturday Night Live this weekend the show re-imagined the Trump Presidency with Kenan Thompson in the golden hair.

For millions of young Americans who grew up knowing only a black president, Donald Trump‘s tenure has been a mystifying parade of largely consequence-free scandal. But this sketch took steps to remedy that disconnect by presenting a version of reality in which Trump is a black president mired in scandal.

“Them Trumps” tells the story of Darius Trump, who grouses in the Oval Office with family members like First Lady Malika Trump and their children, Darius Jr and L’evanka. For some reason, Eric Trump is still Eric, and still white. I guess some degrees of whiteness transcend satire.

The sketch is rife with sharp observations about the double-standard, or complete lack of any standard, being applied to Trump, while also skewering the television genre it imitates.

Darius Trump gets to complain about his scandals for about a minute before the feds show up to arrest him, which is about a minute longer than a real black president would have gotten. Many of us are old enough to remember when a presidential scandal consisted of Dijon mustard and a tan suit.

Watch the sketch above, via NBC, and look forward to the eventual Fox News segment “The Real Racists: What if white people did a sketch like ‘Them Trumps?'”

[image via screengrab]

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