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‘You’re Ammosexuals!’ Maher Tears into Open Carry ‘Nitwits’ Scaring Everyone

Bill Maher ended his show tonight by going after the “nitwits” of the Open Carry movement and their belief that bringing a gun to a public place with “sane people’ who might freak out about seeing those guns is just a reasonable show of support for their Second Amendment rights.

Maher said that these “playdates with other gun owners” might sound nice to gun lovers, but it might make the world a little nicer to live in if they aren’t walking around trying to “scare the bejeezus out of everybody.”

In fact, Maher said these people are so obsessed with their firearms, there is only one real takeaway here: “You’re ammosexuals!” And there’s something weird about observing a gun owner harboring an “unnatural romantic relationship” with their guns…

Watch the video below, via HBO:

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