Cee Lo Green Performs ‘F*ck You’ Uncensored, Gives Finger At Obama Fundraiser

Cee Lo Green caused a bit of a mild disturbance when news got out that he would be performing his hit single “Fuck You” in front of President Obama for a fundraiser– uncensored. The event occurred last night, and Green did eventually start singing “Forget You” instead, but not before giving the audience the finger while asking, “Can I curse?”

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Video of the performance surfaced on last night’s edition of Hannity, and the panel had quite a bit to say on the matter (as did the lower third with a laughing President Obama labeled “MAN OF LEISURE”). “We’ve heard a lot about civility,” Rich Lowry prefaces the clip, claiming he has no idea who Green is (Mary Walter cops to having him on her iPhone). Lowry asks, after showing the video, “Am I just impossibly old, or a fuddy-duddy?”

“It makes you long for the days of Sinatra,” Walter replied, calling the President a “cool dad” that lets the children run amok just to be loved.

The Hannity panel clearly thinks this song about heartbreak and class anxiety is clearly inappropriate in the presence of the President. Do you? Watch Cee Lo’s intro (and their commentary) via Fox News below:

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