Trump Scolds Fox’s Steve Doocy for Saying He Doesn’t Know Who the Whistleblower is: ‘I Don’t Believe’ You

President Donald Trump seldom has a dispute with the hosts of his favorite morning show, Fox & Friends. But during his phone appearance on the program Friday, a comment from one of the hosts caused the president to scold him, albeit somewhat in jest.

During a part of the conversation focused on the Ukraine whistleblower, co-host Steve Doocy wanted to set the record straight after Trump claimed that the hosts know the person’s identity.

“Mr. President, you said we know the name of the whistleblower,” Doocy said. “We’ve seen names on the Internet. We have no idea who the whistleblower is.”

“No! I don’t believe —” Trump said. He added, “I don’t think Steve has ever told a lie … in his life. But that one I’m sort of thinking, come on.”

“We’ve seen names online, Mr. President,” Doocy replied. “We don’t have any verification.”

And co-host Brian Kilmeade added, “And it doesn’t matter anyway. We’re not going to use it.”

“You don’t need verification,” said Trump — a man who has spent the past three years railing about fake news. “You know exactly who it is.”

A name which has been circulating in conservative media has been mentioned twice on Fox News — once by a guest on Outnumbered Overtime, and once by contributor Mollie Hemingway on MediaBuzz.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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