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Fox News Contributor Says Giuliani, Sekulow Guest-Hosting for Hannity Is a ‘New Level of Coziness’

Brian Stelter: Trump Doesn’t Trust Fact-Checks or His Own Intel, ‘He Only Trusts His Fox Friends’

Kellyanne Conway Refuses to Say Whether Jeff Sessions Will Keep His Job: How Would I Know?

Giuliani Claims Trump Never Told James Comey to Give Michael Flynn a Break, Tapper Plays Video of Him Saying That

GOP Senator Grilled on Lone Support for Anti-Lynching Bill: Why Are You the Only Republican Signing This?

April Ryan Slams ‘Evil’ Omarosa: Trump ‘Created This Monster’ That’s Now Turning on Him

Kellyanne Conway Squirms When ABC News’ Karl Asks Who is Highest Level African-American in White House

Former VA Gov. Rips Unite the Right Protesters: People Don’t Feel the Need to Hide Under Hoods Anymore

Omarosa Shares Recording of John Kelly Firing Her: ‘Very Obvious’ It Was ‘A Threat

On Meet the Press, Omarosa Says She Was ‘Complicit With This White House Deceiving This Nation’

Kellyanne Conway Denies Allegations in Omarosa’s Book: I’ve Never Heard Trump ‘Use a Racial Slur’

Jeanine Pirro to Robert Mueller: ‘Give up Your Phony Investigation’ and Get Your Own Defense Lawyer

Jeanine Pirro Asks Fox News Panel: Is Mueller ‘A Greater Threat’ to America Than Putin?

CNN’s Van Jones: ‘Zero Difference’ Between Laura Ingraham’s Demographics Talk and Neo-Nazi’s Message

Steve Cortes Defends Trump During Heated CNN Clash: There is ‘Zero Evidence’ He’s Racist

WATCH: Trump Calls Omarosa a ‘Lowlife’

Brian Stelter on Omarosa-White House Fight: ‘Nobody Involved Has a Reputation for Being Honest’

Michael Avenatti in Iowa: ‘When They Go Low, I Say, We Hit Harder’

NYT’s Thomas Friedman Calls Greg Gutfeld a ‘Moron’ for Mocking His Column on Trump Coverage

CNN’s Victor Blackwell Calls Out Trump After Tweet Condemning ‘All Types of Racism’: ‘Remember His Record’

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