Tucker Carlson Goes There After Bernie Sanders Health Scare: ‘All of Us Want to Be Polite’ But His 2020 Bid is ‘Over’


Fox News’ Tucker Carlson pronounced Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential candidacy “over” after the 2020 candidate underwent a minor, unplanned heart procedure that will take him off the campaign trail for several days.

While campaigning in Nevada on Tuesday, Sanders experienced “chest discomfort” and was taken to a hospital where two stents where inserted into a blocked artery. His campaign announced on Wednesday that Sanders would cancel all events for “the next few days,” which shouldn’t affect his appearance at the next Democratic debate set for Oct. 15.

After wishing Sanders a speedy recovery, Carlson used the health scare as an opportunity to question the propriety and effectiveness of Sanders, who just turned 78, and former Vice President Joe Biden, who is 76, in running for president. Biden has had his share of campaign trail mental lapses, but Carlson, a staunch pro-Trump supporter, notably never mentioned the fact that the current occupant of the Oval Office is 73 and has been repeatedly criticized and mocked for moments of cognitive dysfunction and admissions of physical exhaustion.

“It’s interesting we haven’t talked about this openly. All of us want to be polite, it’s a good impulse, but he’s not the only one who is of advanced age in this race,” Carlson said. “Statistically speaking it’s tough to pull off a presidential campaign, much less running the most powerful country in the world at that age. I guess we are not allowed to say that. I’m 50 and I feel myself slowing down. So, are we going to have an honest conversation about this at some point and continue to pretend that 78 is just like 38?”

“I think it’s — again, not being mean,” Carlson concluded minutes later, writing off Sanders’ campaign, “It’s done, It’s over.”

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

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