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Obama To Attend $40,000-Per-Plate Fundraiser At NYC’s Nomad

Hip, tasteful President Barack Obama is scheduled to be in Manhattan tonight for a super high-end campaign fundraiser at NoMad.  How high end? According to Obama Foodorama, tickets cost $40,000 a head. This cost is standard for most exclusive fundraising presidential campaign events, but for a dinner at a recently-reviewed NYT three-star restaurant, run by 3-starred Michelin chef Daniel Humm and restauranteur Will Guidara? Oh my goodness that is a lot of money. Especially with the knowledge that $40,000 could buy 205 tasting menu dinners (without wine pairings) at Eleven Madison Park.

So what could you get for $40,000 at NoMad?

  • 506.3 whole roasted chickens for two, with foie gras, black truffles and brioche
  • 1,176.47 suckling pigs
  • 5,000 butter-dipped radishes with fleur de sel
  • 1,666.66 selections of five Swiss cheeses (about 8,333.33 individual cheeses overall)
  • 2,666.7 “Crooked Kilts”: Blended scotch, velvet Falernum green chartreuse, pineapple, and lime Islay scotch-scented mint.
  • 2,500 pancakes with blueberries and ricotta

Why did we do this? Mostly because we wanted to see how many butter-dipped radishes we would have to exchange for the privilege of listening to Obama talk for two hours. Admit it. You’ve always wondered.

[Obama Foodorama]


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