Amid ‘USA! USA!’ Chant, Trump Grills Protester: ‘Are You From Mexico?’

Donald Trump has a very contentious history with Mexicans. He’s spoken unkindly about them and they’ve spoken unkindly about him, which has caused so much drama that even his hotel employees are worried about the consequences. He also has a contentious history with protesters. Again, unkind and downright threatening words have been spoken, though his top employees are much less worried about that.

Today, reporters and rally attendees found themselves at the intersection of Trump’s feelings toward Mexicans and protesters when the GOP presidential candidate yelled at one from his podium, demanding to know their family’s country of origin.

In the video, he can be heard asking, “Are you from Mexico? Are you from Mexico?” He also says, “You’ll be moving back to the United States…” and it can be assumed that he meant the protester will be moving back to Mexico. Maybe his earpiece wasn’t working.

No word yet on whether the protester was from Mexico.

[image via screengrab]

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