BP On Tony Hayward’s Day Of Yachting: “Well-Earned Private Time”

As convenient and tempting as it is to blame BP CEO Tony Hayward exclusively for the corporation’s reputation as a needlessly cruel money-making machine, here’s more proof that Hayward may actually be one of the better ones: a BP spokesman described Hayward’s pleasant little field trip to the Isle of Wight to watch his yacht, Bob, at a race as “well-earned private time.”

Fox News got through to the company’s spokesman and asked whether the fact that Hayward was now “mucking about on the water,” as the UK Daily Mail put it , was an indication that his role in the Gulf of Mexico was done and that he was returning to the UK full-time. BP replied that no, he is still the point person on the Gulf disaster, but that today he was spending some “well-earned private time with his family.” Yes, well-earned.

Bob is currently in 4th place in the IRC Group 0 division of the JP Morgan Asset Management Round the Isle Race, but there’s still time to place your bets! And if you’re wondering what Tony Hayward looks like sailing in the middle of a JP Morgan-sponsored yacht race with his industry pals, the Daily Mail has some great shots from today’s yacht race here.

Here is the Fox News report on the adventures of Tony and Bob:

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