CNN: Trump Using His Personal Cell Phone More Often to Contact Outside Advisers


A new report suggests that President Trump has been using his personal cell phone more often recently, apparently in part due to Chief of Staff John Kelly.

CNN reports that Trump is using his personal device in order to get around Kelly and contact advisers and friends outside of the White House. Even though Trump has held onto his phone throughout his presidency so far, sources have said it would seem the president doesn’t want Kelly to know who he’s talking with.

For months, Kelly has encouraged Trump to make his calls through the White House switchboard, which allowed him to keep printed readouts on who the president speaks with. Kelly lacks the same insight for who Trump contacts on his personal line, and if Trump is using his phone more often, it would suggest that Kelly is losing even more of his power and influence.

During the earliest days of the Trump Administration, there were concerning reports about Trump continuing to use his phone without any encryption upgrades. If Trump’s phone doesn’t have those kinds of security measures, it could leave his communications vulnerable for eavesdropping.

Watch above, via CNN.

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