Congresswoman Dabs at Debate, Internet is Predictably Cynical

The Internet has truly enhanced our lives in innumerable meaningful ways. While it is a great resource for research or keeping in touch with old friends, however, it is also a hotbed of Bad Attitudes. Seriously, everything online is dripping in cynicism. Here’s proof!

Every now and then, California Democrat Loretta Sanchez stirs up headlines with shocking or even silly behavior. Last night, the congresswoman who is running for Senate did something that was generally lighthearted and fun: She dabbed when she went overtime on a debate question.

Her rival for the position, Attorney General Kamala Harris, sniped that there is definitely a difference between the candidates in the race. Since they were at a debate, it makes sense for Harris to get sassy about her opponent’s invocation of a popular dance move.

The rest of the negativity, however, is not coming from anyone in the race. Rather, it is just streaming in online.





Oh, dear.

What was clearly meant as a fun moment did not go over well for Sanchez, it seems.

[image via screengrab]

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