Giggling Crowd Has Mind In The Gutter During Jill Biden’s Speech

Some folks could have careers out of making sexual innuendos or sticking “that’s what she said” into as many conversations as possible, and Jill Biden learned that the hard way while she was trying to give a speech Friday and the crowd erupted with laughter at an inadvertent suggestive comment she made about husband/Vice President Joe.

“So this election is personal to me,” Jill told the audience during a campaign event. “And it’s deeply personal to the man I’m about to introduce [Joe Biden]. I’ve seen Joe up close.”

With that, she was interrupted by laughter, applause, and roars. A flustered Jill turned away and laughed, seemingly understanding that her words had just been misconstrued and too ashamed to show her face. Moments later, she came back with, “It’s in my remarks, really. Okay. I’ve seen how his optimism, his determination, his big, strong heart, drives him to make a different everyday…I’ve heard the urgency in his voice when he comes and talks about the people that he’s met.”

She spent the whole address attempting to suppress giggles, but the crowd only cheered on every time she used a debatable word. Even spouse Joe chuckled at the references.

I guess this is what people meant when they told me that high school never really ends.

h/t BuzzFeed

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