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Beck: Obama In Front Of Presidential Seal Looks Like “Russian Icon”

beck_iconicYesterday’s Glenn Beck Show was all about “heroes” and their stories. In fact, the episode was billed as “Heroes & Stories,” and Glenn Beck had on three best-selling authors to discuss both who is a hero and what makes up a “real hero.” Within that context, Beck still found a moment to mock the Messianic portrayal of Barack Obama, and make reference to Russian iconography, all in a tidy 20-second sound bite.

While speaking to a studio audience, which was shown nodding in approval throughout the show, Beck efficiently criticized a chauvinistic portrayal of the current president while at the same time referencing Tsarist Russia (though there was no mention of Communism – a popular theme for Beck when he mentions the current Administration).

Beck’s quote:

“I’m a big visual guy. And if you look at the way Barack Obama was imaged, he was as a savior. You look at it now, anybody noticed…you watch the newspaper, and you watch the photo of him coming out of the White House — almost always, they’ll have a shot of him with the seal of the president. Anybody ever notice that? And it almost looks like a halo. They’ll take a shot from the side, and he’s standing there and it looks like a “Russian Icon.”

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