Great Moments In Journalism: Burglar Tells Children “Obama Let Him In”


How do you turn a routine home burglary in Florida — in which nothing seems to have been stolen, even — into a story of national import? Easy: weave Barack Obama into it. Even if it involves quoting a burglar who is clearly mentally disturbed.

Hey, it worked for Angelina Jolie

From the Northwestern Florida Daily News:

A man accused of breaking into a Crestview home and taking a shower reportedly told residents who showed up “President Obama let him in” the house…

…While in the shower, two juvenile children who lived at the house entered with a friend. Thinking their dad was home, one of the children entered the bathroom and “saw a male in the shower who was not his father,” the report states.

“The male in the shower stated ‘Obama let him in’” and told the boy to “get out,” the report continues.

When questioned by police, he said that “the yellow brick road” had brought him there.

Sadly, the burglar’s Obama ploy didn’t work: the kids went to the police. Maybe The One doesn’t have a hypnotic power over America’s youth after all? Or maybe it has something to do with the fact that there was an unbalanced burglar in their family’s shower?

(story via Fark; image from shopsafe)

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