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Hillary Clinton: Partisanship Is Pushing America ‘Backwards Instead of Forward’

At an international conference for women last night, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave us a taste of how she might campaign if she ran for president: as a post-partisan candidate who claims that the nation needs to “get back to evidence-based decision-making.”

“There is just pure ideology, pure partisanship. We disguise a commercial interest behind a political facade and the result is that we’re kind of marching backwards instead of forward,” Clinton said at the annual Women in the World summit. “We have an election coming up this year. And we ought to be paying attention to that because that will set the parameters for a lot of what can and should be done.”

Though she was clear about her views on the 2014 election, she mentioned nothing about 2016 — or, as the entire world is speculating, if she would run for president.

During the talk, she also blasted Putin’s ambitions in the Crimea to boost Russia’s profile as a “losing strategy,” and briefly spoke about the double standard placed on ambitious women such as herself. “I think, in many respects, the media is the principle propagator of its persistence,” she noted.

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[Image via screencap, 2013 Women in the World Summit]

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