Hillary Clinton: We’ll See A Woman In The White House, But It Won’t Be Me

Hillary Clinton does think we’ll being seeing a woman in the White House during her lifetime. But to the disappointment of many, she says it still won’t be her. In Kolkata, India on Monday, the Secretary of State discussed breaking the “glass ceiling.”

During a town hall meeting, “Clinton said she really wanted to see ‘that final glass ceiling’ broken,” according to the Associated Press. “I think that there will be an election that will elect a woman,” she said — while also noting that the American presidential process isn’t an easy one, more specifically pointing to the heavy dependency on fundraising. The process, she said, “about the most difficult to navigate, for men and women, particularly for women, but we’re going to keep trying to encourage that final glass ceiling to be broken.”

The remarks aren’t unfamiliar, as Clinton’s denied she’ll be pursuing the presidency again several times before. Bill Clinton, too, has said it’s unlikely his wife will continue to be so involved in politics. But surely, the most recent installment of denial won’t stop the ongoing speculation.


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