‘I Don’t Know That They’re False Claims’: CNN Contributor Backs Trump’s Illegal Voters Tweet

andre-bauereditedDuring an appearance on CNN tonight, CNN political commentator and Donald Trump supporter Andre Bauer defended recent tweets by Trump in which the President-elect claimed that he would have won the national popular vote if millions of people hadn’t voted illegally.

Speaking to host Pamela Brown, Bauer was asked why Trump was spending his day on Twitter spreading false claims about winning the popular vote. The former South Carolina Lieutenant Governor stated that he didn’t think they were untrue.

“I don’t know that they’re false claims,” Bauer replied.

When Brown shot back that there is no evidence showing that millions voted illegally, Bauer noted that there is proof of voter fraud, pointing to deceased people remaining on voting rolls and saying that is the reason conservatives have pushed for voter ID laws.

After Brown pressed Bauer and asked him if he believes there is credence to Trump’s claim, he said “sure” and brought up instances in Philadelphia from 2012.

Eventually, Brown asked Bauer if he believes there is widespread voter fraud, why shouldn’t there be a recount then. In Bauer’s opinion, the election has already been decided and Hillary Clinton conceded, so it is time to move the country forward.

Brown grilled him some more, pointing out that what Trump says matters and if he’s saying million voted illegally despite little evidence, how can we just move along.

Watch the exchange above, via CNN.

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