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‘It Was F—ing Ridiculous’: GOP Lawmakers Storm Out After Fellow Pol Condemns Homosexuality

Screen-Shot-2016-05-26-at-9.25.05-PMThis was probably not the reaction that Representative Rick Allen had in mind.

The Republican party Congressman from Georgia read from the Bible suggesting that his fellow GOP members had sinned for supporting anti-discrimination legislation. According to attendees at the policy meeting held in the Capitol basement, Rep. Allen read from the Bible a passage that condemns homosexuality, and in doing do put the emphasis of fault on those who supported a pro-LGBT provision in a bill.

Tied in with legislation regarding government spending is this provision that, “stipulates that nothing in the underlying spending bills can undermine President Obama’s executive order barring discrimination by government contractors based on sexual orientation or gender identity,” according to The Hill.

Reportedly several GOP lawmakers stormed out of the room in disgust. “It was fucking ridiculous,” said one Republican.

An aide to party leadership said, “A lot of members were clearly uncomfortable and upset.” The provision was previously tied to a military constriction bill, and last week cleared with Republican support before party leaders halted the vote.

Nancy Pelosi said in response, “House Republicans’ thirst to discriminate against the LGBT community is so strong that they are willing to vote down their own appropriations bill in order to prevent progress over bigotry.”

[h/t The Hill]
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