Joy Behar: Don’t Go After Hillary for Bill’s Womanizing Unless You Go After Melania, Too

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 11.54.16 AMLike everyone else this morning, the ladies on The View were discussing the New York Times piece that came out this weekend and painted Donald Trump as a big ol’ womanizer. Special attention was given to the part of the piece that detailed Trump’s habit of kissing Miss Universe contestants right on the lips.

Michelle Collins said she would be horrified if a man like Trump kissed her on the mouth before likening his lips to dried apricots. Joy Behar took a more serious angle, saying that forceful kissing like that is sexual harassment.

Sunny Hostin asked, “Well that’s the issue, is he guilty of sexual harassment when he accuses Bill Clinton often of sexual harassment and being inappropriate?”

Behar responded with this:

Okay, that’s another thing. You know what? They’re gonna bring up Bill Clinton. When he gets accused of all this, he brings up Bill Clinton. Okay, Bill Clinton’s a dog also. What’s does that have to do with Hillary Clinton? Are we gonna blame Melania [Trump] for this piece in the Times? So don’t blame Hillary.

Whoopi Goldberg closed out the topic by reminding everyone that Trump has three wives to choose from when it comes to asking spouses about impropriety, so maybe the comparison to the Clintons, who have only been married to each other, wasn’t quite ideal.

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