Kellyanne: Trump Had Such a ‘Great Time’ on Fox & Friends He Plans to Do It Every Month

Anderson Cooper said he sounded “like a crazy person on a park bench…mumbling incoherently.” Joe Scarborough thought he came across as though he lost his wits. Mika Brzezinski practically called for somebody in the White House to tackle him so he’d stop talking.

But critics be damned, President Donald Trump is set to make his Fox & Friends appearance a regular thing.

Friday morning, the White House dispatched Kellyanne Conway, counselor to the president, to appear on the administration’s favorite morning show. And at the top of her segment, Conway broke the good news to the show’s hosts.

“The president had a great time bringing his case directly to the American people, as he does on social media and in these bilateral Q&A’s certainly at the south lawn, and in the press pool sprays, and with other interviews,” Conway said. “And the president has said that he would like to, perhaps, come once a month and as news breaks.”

The Fox & Friends hosts were overjoyed.

“Alright!” Brian Kilmeade said.

“Wow!” A giddy Steve Doocy added, while applauding.

Conway added, “that [interview] really was the buzz around the globe yesterday in large part, because everybody had to replay your clips. That must have been delicious for some of them.”

We imagine so.

Watch above, via Fox News

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