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Limbaugh: Why Are So Many Republicans Acting ‘Unhinged’ Over Trump?

PicMonkey Collage - LimbaughWhile couching it with all sorts of insistences that he doesn’t mean it as a pro-Trump statement, Rush Limbaugh asked today why so many people are acting “totally unhinged” about Donald Trump.

He doesn’t understand why people are “ticked off” about him and are “discombobulated in their opposition to Trump” with “full-fledged derangement.”

But, again, not a pro-Trump statement.

Limbaugh couldn’t understand “this level of anger and disgust over Trump” to the point where people consider him “a dire threat.” He wondered why there’s no similar “Obama derangement” on the right to stop the Democratic agenda.

Limbaugh has made it clear that despite Trump’s flaws, he would be way better than any of the Democrats, and he has avoided criticizing him too much from the right because, he said, he’s trying to “limit” the damage of his statements.

Listen above, via The Rush Limbaugh Show.

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