Move Over Kanye: Gay Proposal Video Is The New Interruption Meme

Picture 2When Rep. Joe Wilson did it, he got called a racist. When Kanye West did it, he got called an asshole alcoholic.

Whether it was in front of Congress or screaming 20-something year olds at the Video Music Awards, if we’ve learned anything this year…it’s that interruptions are the way to get things done.

Wilson’s rudeness helped him raise over $1 million big ones for his campaign, and West’s hissy fitĀ got him all up in the headlines once again (suspiciously enough just in time for his Fame Kills tour with Lady Gaga, which ended up getting cancelled anyways. Can you say ultimate fail Kanye?).

So when Andy Hertzberg proposed to his partner, Andy Rollman, during his testimonial at round two of the Washington D.C. Council meetings on marriage equality, perhaps he had even more of an agenda.

Wonder if this interruption will help propel the ruling in favor of equal marriage?

Video Clip Below

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