Muslim Group Protests Christmas with Drawing of Santa Getting Punched in the Face

The Istanbul University branch of the Anatolia Youth Association, a Turkish Muslim group, has allegedly released an illustration of a Muslim youth member punching Santa Claus in the face, part of the group’s organized protest of Christmas.

The group claims that Christmas is a Christian (and ultimately pagan-rooted) practice and its symbols have no place in the neighborhood. The AYA offshoot seemed especially upset with Santa, as the character is based on Saint Nicholas, who was from Demre—which is now part of Turkey—and thus appears often as a Turkish figure in promotional literature. The same group reportedly stabbed a life-sized Santa dummy two years ago.

Earlier in the week, the group declared on a banner hung over a nearby street:

“As in recent years, Santa Claus will not be coming to Şirinevler since he is nothing to do with our traditions and our culture. [Turk legend character] Dede Korkut will come to our houses again, and will teach our children that they did not come into this world for pleasure, that they came to distribute justice.”

The Blaze found what it believes to be the Santa-whomping on a Turkish website:

Still, prolly beats getting stabbed.

[h/t Hurriyet Daily News]

[Image via screengrab]

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