Nothing But Net: Sen. Scott Brown Makes A Half-Court Shot At Local Community Center

One of the most contentious Senate races in the country right now is the Scott BrownElizabeth Warren Massachusetts showdown, and one of the most important voting blocs for any politician running right now is young people. So perhaps it’s no surprise that as he’s touring the state, he’s doing what he can to connect with young people. At a recent stop at a community center, Brown showed off his basketball skills to the children by successfully making a shot from the half-court line.

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Nothing but net! See how excited those kids look when Brown makes the shot? Warren’s going to need to step up her game to compete with that! Maybe if she faces off with Tom Brady on the field in a spirited game of flag football or something…

But whoever wins the Senate race should go on to face President Obama on the court. Hey, his game’s been off lately, they have a shot! And the winner of that match, obviously, needs to go on to face Jeremy Lin, and whoever wins that match goes on to become the MVPOTUS.

Check out Brown’s shot below:

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