NY Daily News Turns Trump Into Global Killer For Withdrawing From Paris Agreement

You could never accuse the New York Daily News of being subtle.

Hot on the heels of President Donald Trump‘s decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Accord–the left-leaning tabloid is set to hit the New York City newsstands with a stunning and direct image:

The headline reads: TRUMP TO WORLD: DROP DEAD. And that’s not just screaming online or a keyboard issue–the all caps are in the original.

According to the online version of the story:

“Trump’s decision, which will take four years to execute, is a major setback for international efforts to fight climate change. It could lead other countries to reconsider their own role in the agreement, and remove the U.S. from a leadership role in limiting global warming and its worldwide impacts.”

For more, see the Daily News’ full story, here.

[image via NY Daily News]

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