#ObamaSufferedProfilingWhen: ‘What Twitter Would Have Looked Like In The 50s’

Hey, remember yesterday, when Obama got all personal about his experiences with racial profiling, reminding us not only that he could have been Trayvon Martin but that, by extension, Trayvon Martin could have gone on to do all sorts of things like be President had he not been gunned down on the way home because of the color of his skin? Quite a sincere, unscripted moment in the midst of the sludge, right?

Not for one corner of Twitter, which got the #ObamaSufferedProfilingWhen hashtag rolling with a collection of old, odd, and discredited anti-Obama memes ranging from his Kenyan birth to his need for socialist umbrellas. Apparently Obama’s successful path through college and Harvard Law School and eventually to the presidency proves he could not possibly have suffered from racial profiling—which kinda misses Obama’s point that he had to overcome the obstacles of systemic profiling to achieve anything, obstacles that become much more permanent when they’re running around with a gun.

As one user pointed out, this is what Twitter would have looked like in the 1950s:

By the by, if you point out that making breakdance comments is an example of the exact racial profiling being mocked for not existing, this game wasn’t meant for you.

To the extent that the left even noticed, they seemed to take a “give ’em enough rope” tack:

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