Poll: Overwhelming Majority of Americans Against Ditching Paris Climate Accord

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While conservative media heralded Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate accord a new poll from the Associated Press and the National Opinion Research Council suggests the American people overwhelmingly hold the opposite viewpoint.

The poll found that less than 1/3 of Americans agreed with the administration’s decision to ditch the agreement and that only 18% of those surveyed believe that withdrawal will help grow the U.S. economy. A majority of Americans, 52%, believe that leaving the accord will be detrimental the U.S. economy.

Additional numbers showed a near total repudiation of Donald Trump’s climate policies and personal positions on the environment. While President Trump has suggested climate change is a “Chinese hoax,” the study found that 2/3 of Americans believe it is real.

“It’s definitely gotten hotter than it used to be,” Bonnie Sumner, a 72-year-old Colorado independent voter told ABC News. “I try to keep up with science, not people who have money to be made by not wanting things to change.”

The president and the nationalist faction of the West Wing have long been skeptical of international agreements and warned throughout the campaign that the Paris accords would be in their crosshairs if Donald Trump won the White House. The final decision to ax the agreement was a major win for White House strategist Steve Bannon who has seen his influence return after being declared dead in the water by many professional White House observers and peddlers of palace intrigue.

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