Rabbi Who Recorded Helen Thomas Now Suffers From His Own Viral Video Past

Welcome to the second chapter of the story of Rabbi David Nesenoff. America first got to know this man as the guy who recorded Helen Thomas on his flip-cam saying what many believed to be offensive comments regarding Jews. But just just as a pendulum swings both ways, the nature of viral video swings back to reveal Mr. Nesenoff in what many will surely see as an offensive and stereotypical portrayal of Mexican-Americans in a hackneyed weatherman shtick.

This video was published three months ago, and is just now surfacing, thanks in part to the website Race Wire, who presents some background on Nesenoff and Thomas, then presents the comedy bit thusly:

Anyway, here’s a video from February of this year in which Rabbi Nesenoff dons a terrible Mexican impression and makes a lot of jokes about being detained by ICE. You’ve got a stronger stomach than me if you can make it past the one about being a dishwasher. What is it with these gotcha-guys and wigs?

It’s hard to get through the entire video, mostly because its just not at all funny. But there are plenty of ethnic stereotypes at play here, namely for the dishwashing jokes (Mexican laborers wash dishes? Hilarious!) To be clear, there is no comparison to the following failed attempt at comedy and the comments made by Helen Thomas (which lead to her sudden retirement earlier today.)

Update – the video has been removed at the request of the persons involved.

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