Rupert Murdoch Weighs In On SOPA Over Twitter: Obama Siding With Pirates, Google Is ‘Piracy Leader’

Rupert Murdoch has been making headlines all over the place simply for his tweets, and now Murdoch has used the social networking platform to weigh in on one of the more controversial pieces of legislation currently under consideration by Congress: the Stop Online Piracy Act. As the head of a large company whose subsidiaries act as content providers, Murdoch is naturally in favor of the legislation, but yesterday he was none too happy about the Obama administration coming out saying they would not support any anti-piracy bill that curbs freedom of speech.

Murdoch took to Twitter to furiously post his thoughts on the matter.

Twelve minutes later, he pointed to one of the biggest culprits on the piracy front.

Murdoch was widely criticized for this second tweet, even being accused of not understanding how piracy works or what the SOPA legislation actually does. In a later tweet, Murdoch admitted that while he doesn’t “understand many things,” he does recognize “plain stealing” when he sees it.

h/t Huffington Post

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