Sarah Silverman Offers To ‘Scissor’ Billionaire Sheldon Adelson If He Gives His Money To Obama, Not Romney

As we all know, our presidential elections are entirely bought and paid for by a select group of billionaires and their corporations (all that voting silliness is just to keep George Washington’s ghost happy). Therefore, it’s important for concerned citizens to try to sway the votes of these billionaires who casually choose our nation’s future the way us normal people choose which of our children gets to eat tonight. Because of this, comedienne Sarah Silverman has come up with an interesting way to persuade Newt Gingrich Mitt Romney-supporter Sheldon Adelson to give his money to President Obama.

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In a new video and campaign, Silverman has made Adelson an “indecent proposal.” No, she’s not going to sleep with him. As she says in the video, they’re not married and she’s a good girl. However, if Adelson moves his millions over to the Obama campaign, she will wear a bikini and “scissor” him “to completion.”

If you aren’t familiar with the term “scissor,” then…uh…look, just ask your parents. That crap’s not my job.

Watch the video below:

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