Scarborough Blasts Donald Trump’s NATO Speech: ‘Love Note to Vladimir Putin’

Oh the trials of Joe Scarborough.

The morning show host and alleged Republican came up to the line on Friday to support Donald Trump — specifically focusing on the president’s desire to muscle America’s European allies to pay their fair share of NATO operations costs.

“I couldn’t agree with him more,” said Scarborough. “The one thing Barney Frank and I always agreed on … was that we should’t carry Europe on our back. They should pay their 2%. They should carry their loads. They don’t get to escape from history. So I agree with that.”

That was, however, as far as he would go before swiftly retreating to more usual territory. Scarborough took great exception to Trump’s speech to NATO allies and the manner in which Trump took them to task.

“Do not call them out,” he said. “The entire world is watching and most importantly Vladimir Putin is watching. It seemed like yesterday was his love note to Vladimir Putin. It really did. By attacking the allies and then by not moving forward and saying that they were going to do what we’ve always done and defend any country that was attacked.”

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