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Truly Amazing Video: Watch As Police Officer Wanders Into (And Stops) Robbery In Progress

Now this is just incredible. Clearly Officer Joshua Campbell has the best timing in the world. He was walking into a local Walgreens to pick up security footage of a recent robbery when he made some footage of his own, stumbling upon another robbery currently in progress. The whole tape, which includes Campbell wrestling the suspect to the ground, is amazing but, as Gawker pointed out, the best part is the hilarious few seconds right after Cambell gets there and you see the gears turning in his head (“Hey, wait a second…”) before pulling out his gun. Not only does he have the best timing in the world, he’s also got the best comedic timing in the world!

From Dayton’s WDTN:

“Officer Joshua Campbell was there to pick up a surveillance tape of a robbery that took place at the store a few hours earlier.

When Officer Campbell walked in, he noticed Donald Cotten attempting to rob the clerk. Campbell tried to stop the robbery, holding the suspect at gunpoint.

Cotten refused to give up without a fight. He punched Officer Campbell several times, but with the help of a store employee, was eventually taken into custody”

I’ve included the WDTN video report with quotes from Campbell below but also the silent security footage because, really, to get the full impact and see how incredible (and funny) this whole thing is, you really need to see the original.

(h/t Gawker)

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