Washington Post Engages Conservative Twitter ‘Troll’

This is something we should hope for more often, from publications both left- and right-leaning. On Friday afternoon, The Washington Post engaged with a rather incensed Twitter user.

As Business Insider declared of the ordeal: “The Washington Post Destroyed A Troll In A Twitter Fight For The Ages.”

It all began when the Post‘s official Twitter account linked to a poll suggesting it showed that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) has been losing popularity the more people have gotten to “know” him.

A Cruz supported named Tim Sloan, who sports the #tgdn (Twitter Gulag Defense Network) hashtag, fired off a tweet accusing the Post of being the paper of record for the Communist Party and for being the butt-wipe product of choice for Cruz. After one response from the Post, Sloan shot back with another remark about where the paper will stand when the revolution comes.

The paper responded each time with a deadpan tone, deflating the hostility.

Read the Twitter exchange below, as saved by Circa’s EIC Anthony DeRosa:

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