Wolf Blitzer: Why Isn’t Trump Being More Vocal in Selling Health Care Bill?


CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked earlier tonight why President Trump isn’t as vocal about health care as President Obama was back in 2009.

Trump is holding a rally tomorrow in Nashville, but as Blitzer noted to Jeff Zeleny, “that’s his only big event in the past few weeks.”

He asked, “Why aren’t we seeing the president all over television, all over the road, selling this bill the way President Obama sold Obamacare back in 2009?”

Zeleny observed that Trump has only talked about health care in a few small settings, almost like “his heart isn’t entirely in this.”

Dana Bash, meanwhile, said there are Republicans who believe the AHCA can get passed with “Trump as the salesman.”

But, she added, there are people on the Hill wondering why he isn’t doing more yet.

Trump is doing an interview tomorrow with Fox’s Tucker Carlson and will presumably address the health care legislation then.

Watch above, via CNN.

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