Your Moment Of Glenn: Beck’s Plan To Bury The Two-Party System

One of the tenets of Glenn Beck’s 100 Year plan for America essentially has to do with getting rid of the two-party system. What he wants to replace the current two-party system with is less clear — Beck is not a fan of socialism in any form so I have to assume he’d be turned off by the parliamentary system, which more easily allows for multiple parties. He’s also said “we need to think like China,” though I’m fairly certain by that he does not mean we need a Chinese-like government.

Anyway, Beck will apparently reveal all the details of his plan once he (makes them up?) publishes his book The Plan sometime between now and next August. All we know for certain is that it will have something to do with re-founding America and restoring “our nation to the maximum freedoms we were supposed to have been protecting” presumably this time without slavery and the complete lack of women’s rights.

In the meantime, Beck has taken to burying the two parties on his show. Almost literally. Video below.

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