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WATCH: Stephanie Ruhle Lists GOP ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ Tweets Alongside NRA Campaign Donations

Stephanie Ruhle Rips White House For Not Letting Her Interview Anyone Working on Tax Reform

GOP Sen. Cassidy Explains Trump: ‘Hyperbole is Interpreted by Some as Lies’

Senators Behind Graham-Cassidy Put Out Statement: Process, Timing of Vote ‘Did Not Line Up’

The Senate Will Not Be Voting on Graham-Cassidy Health Care Bill This Week

Kimmel Continues Health Care Fight: Haven’t Seen This Many People Against a Bill ‘Since Cosby’

‘Phony Little Creep!’ Kimmel Threatens to ‘Pound’ Brian Kilmeade For Ripping His Health Care Monologue

Kimmel Responds to Trump: Will Sen. Bill Cassidy ‘Vote Against the Horrible Bill He Wrote?’

Trump Comes to Sen. Bill Cassidy’s Defense: ‘Class Act Who…Doesn’t Lie’

Sen. Bill Cassidy Responds to Jimmy Kimmel on CNN: ‘I’m Sorry He Does Not Understand’

Twitter Goes Nuts Over Kimmel’s Health Care Monologue: ‘Jimmy Kimmel, Not a Fan of Graham-Cassidy’

Jimmy Kimmel: GOP Senator ‘Lied Right To My Face’ About Healthcare Reform

GOP Sen: ‘Don’t Think It’s Important’ For Trump to Understand Health Care Details

GOP Sen. Says CBO Score Makes Him ‘More Concerned’ About Health Care Bill

Jimmy Kimmel Calls on Senate GOP to Remember the ‘Kimmel Test’ for Health Care Bill

Kimmel to Critics: ‘I Would Like to Apologize for Saying Children in America Should Have Health Care’

GOP Senator: I Want Our Health Care Bill to ‘Pass the Jimmy Kimmel Test’

GOP Sen. to CDC Official: Are Illegal Immigrants Causing Measles Outbreak?

Sen. Landrieu’s First Runoff Ad Portrays GOP Opponent as ‘Incoherent’

Sen. Landrieu’s GOP Opponent Fires Back: ‘We’re Not Racist, We Just Have Common Sense’

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