Helen Thomas

Three Year-Old Girl is First Child Shot to Death in Yellowstone Park in 75 Years

Trailblazing White House Correspondent Helen Thomas Dead At Age 92

Helen Thomas Receives ‘Journalism Award’ From PLO For ‘Supporting Palestine In West’

Shocker: Fox News’ Ed Henry Now Not On Media Matters S#%t List

Helen Thomas’ White House Briefing Room Nameplate Reappears as Mysteriously as it Disappeared

Society Of Professional Journalists Pulls Helen Thomas Lifetime Achievement Award

Holocaust Survivors Respond To Falls Church News-Press‘ Claim That Helen Thomas’ Comments Weren’t Anti-Semitic

Back In The Saddle: Helen Thomas Resumes Her Column

Wayne State Univ. Suspends Helen Thomas Diversity Award After Offensive Comments

Helen Thomas: Zionists Own Congress, White House, Hollywood & Wall Street

Juan Williams Just the Latest to be Fired For Telling the Truth

Helen Thomas Cries When She Learns Of President Obama’s Comments About Her

Helen Thomas: “You Cannot Criticize Israel In This Country,” Says Charge Of Anti-Semitism Is “Baloney” [Updated]

Former WHCA Pres. Ed Chen Calls Fox News Seat ‘A Travesty,’ WHCA Responds

Mystery: No One Knows Why Helen Thomas’ White House Briefing Room Nameplate Is Missing

Liberals, Chillax: Fox Hosts Will Not Take Over White House Briefings

Exclusive: Helen Thomas On Fox News’ Front Row Seat “Too Bad!”

AP Gets Helen Thomas’s Old Seat, Fox News To Front Row

NPR Wants In The Running For Helen Thomas’ Seat

White House Plugs the Hole…in the Briefing Room

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