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Conservative Media Watchdog Accuses Telemundo of Staging the News — So Did They?

Conservative Media Watchdog Rips Seth Meyers Bit on Anti-LGBT Laws as ‘Anti-Christian’

FLASHBACK: Here’s How Trump Responded When Asked if He’d Run for President 27 Years Ago

If Each GOP Candidate Were a Conservative News Site, Which Would They Be?

Newsbusters Fails to Grasp Chris Hayes ‘Girl Talk’ Reference

MSNBC’s Chuck Todd Mocks NewsBusters: This Is Brent Bozell’s ‘Nightmare Scenario’

Actor Who Hawks Gold to Fox Viewers Is Actually ‘Big Fan’ of Obama

Seth Rogen Calls Out ‘Idiots’ at Newsbusters for Quoting His Parody Twitter Account

State of Love and Trust: Two Big Reasons Why TV Reporters Are Loathed by the Public

Christopher: Daily Kos ‘Censors’ Cartoonist Over ‘Ape-Like Depiction’ of President Obama

Christopher: Conservatives Still Seeking Vindication for George W. Bush Fake Turkey Scandal

Conservative Newsbusters Blog: Obamacare Alone ‘Doesn’t Force People Out of Their Plans’

Soledad O’Brien to Anti-Gay Group: Drop Dead

Exclusive: Betsy Karasik Responds to Criticism of Her WaPo Op-Ed on Teachers and Statutory Rape

‘Pink Slime’ Is Back, and Conservatives Are Weirdly Defending It

The Best Part of The Washington Post‘s Op-Ed on Decriminalizing Statutory Rape

Tonight Show Not The First Time President Obama Made ‘Gulf’ ‘Gaffe’

Conservative NewsBusters Wonders: What If A Republican Told An Amos ‘n’ Andy Joke

Conservatives Defend Kindly Rush Limbaugh From Horribly Mean Chris Hayes

What The Beck? Ed Schultz Hawks Precious Gold As ‘Lifeboat’ To Sinking U.S. Economy

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