Trump Appears to Backtrack on Rally Disavowal: I’m Unhappy With People Calling Our Country ‘Garbage’

President Donald Trump appeared to backtrack on his disavowal of the North Carolina rally chant “send her back” Friday when he told reporters he was unhappy with congresswomen and people calling the country garbage.

“I’m unhappy with the fact that a congresswoman can say anti-Semitic things. I’m unhappy with the fact that a congresswoman in this case, a different congresswoman, can call our country and our people garbage,” Trump said.

“But I’m unhappy when a congresswoman goes and says, I’m going to be the president’s nightmare. She’s going to be the president’s nightmare. She’s lucky to be where she is, let me tell you,” the president said. “And the things that she has said are a disgrace to our country.”

Rep. Ilhan Omar promised crowds welcoming her home in Minnesota Thursday to be the president’s nightmare. “His nightmare is seeing the beautiful mosaic fabric of our country welcome someone like me as their member of Congress,” Omar said. “We are going to continue being a nightmare to this president because his policies are a nightmare to us.”

He went on to praise the crowds in North Carolina who started the “send her back” chant. “Those are incredible people. Those are incredible patriots,” he said, adding that it was a “record crowd” and he could’ve filled the arena ten times over.



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